Cisco® Enterprise Mobility Services Platform

Features & Benefits

Enterprise Mobility Services Platform uses data such as presence, locations, and user profiles along with ready-to-use experiences to effectively engage people on their mobile devices.

  • Build smarter mobile experiences

    Create context-aware mobile experiences in minutes using the drag-and-drop design studio with over 100 prebuilt modules for UI, content, social, and commerce functionality.

    Gain operational efficiency with location-based services

    Use pre-built GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon, and wireless network adapters to configure location based services to build real-time relationships.

  • Securely integrate with your existing Cisco network infrastructure

    Enterprise Mobility Services Platform adapters interface with Cisco Meraki Cloud Controllers, Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX), and Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers to provide context-based services and analytics.

    Simplify Internet access & authentication

    Enterprise Mobility Services Platform provides guest onboarding of devices with custom or social Wi-Fi access, depending on your organization's requirements.

  • Easily integrate mobile experiences with enterprise applications

    Prebuilt connectors are available for most commonly used apps to ease integration with existing native apps. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Studio tools speed development of back-end connections for custom use. Enterprise Mobility Services Platform supports open standards.

    Integrate context experiences into web-based and native apps

    Use Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) in the Enterprise Mobility Services Platform design studio to add context experiences to your existing native apps.

  • Scale to meet any number of connected users

    Enterprise Mobility Services Platform is a complete cloud-hosted solution that scales to meet any customer need, regardless of the number of connected users. It offers highly secure connectivity.

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